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Noelene Callaghan

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My Blog

Why should I join an ICT based association?

Posted on 23 September, 2013 at 21:15

There are many industry based organisations catering to the development needs of many occupations. In education, there is a vast range of faculty based associations as well as those professions that are dedicated to assisting staff regardless of their KLA. The most common associations that accredited teachers are a member of include the NSW Institute of Teachers (NSWIT), Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) as well as all state-based Teachers Federations. Members whom belong to these professional organisations are able to access professional development, network with teachers from other schools as well as being exposed to promotional opportunities that may arise.


So, which one do I select?

There are many professional associations and bodies available for teachers to join. Although teachers are most commonly a member of their KLA specific body, there are many organisations that cater for teachers in their different


Associations such as the NSWICTE and the ICTEV are ICT based associations that encourages teachers from any faculty to join. These associations provide significant information through workshops and their websites of how to embed ICT into any classroom from K-12. More importantly, both offer professional development that considers Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum and counts towards training hours for accreditation purposes. These professional bodies also provide opportunities for teachers to share their expertise through workshops and via scholarship opportunities.


Organisations such as the Australian Curriculum Studies Australia (ACSA), the Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA), the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and the Principals Associations Institute (PAI) provide opportunities for aspiring teachers and leaders to develop their skillset and learn of new and innovative developments in Australian education.


How do I join them?

They typically require an online application with immediate payment. Some organisations permit a school membership as well as an individual membership, which encourages teachers to work collaboratively on their own programs in a different teaching and learning setting.


Are they expensive?

Memberships are relatively cheap and begin at $70 per individual teacher. Joining an association is certainly worth considering as the knowledge that you will develop will certainly help you in your own classroom, any whole school role that you may have and certainly assist you in your overall development.


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