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Noelene Callaghan

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My Blog

The making of North Kellyville Public School

Posted on 11 June, 2019 at 6:55

North Kellyville Public School is located in Sydney’s North West. This school has the capacity to educate up to 1,000 students in both mainstream and support.

Under the leadership of Tom Moth, North Kellyville Public School relentlessly focuses on the formation and maintenance of positive interpersonal relationships. Resilience, persistence and personal responsibility are the key themes of wellbeing programs at this school.

This new school includes 

  • 40 new learning spaces, including three special education learning units, and core facilities
  • 3 special programs rooms
  • a hall
  • a library
  • a canteen
  • covered outdoor learning areas (COLA)
  • semi-enclosed courtyards
  • external play, gaming and sporting facilities.

The school will be delivered in two stages: 

  • Stage 1 - learning spaces and facilities opened on Day 1, Term 1, 2019 for K-6 students.
  • Stage 2 - facilities for up to 1,000 students, including additional play space to be completed by early 2020.

Technologically, North Kellyville is already utilising a plethora of technology such as iPads, 3D Printers, 75 inch interactive panels and more which is a testament to the skilful staff employed at that this school. These dedicated staff are using Microsoft’s 21st Century Learning Design as its pedagogical framework which will underpin not only how curriculum will be delivered, but how teaching staff will collaborate with one another in developing units of work in co-teaching environments.


North Kellyville Public School has utilised the Foundations.T4L team to assist them in determining what are the most purposeful devices for their students in a 1:1 learning environment, provide Teacher Professional Learning on various technological pedagogies and working with staff one-on-one in developing their teaching practice.

Categories: 2019, New School, Technology