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Noelene Callaghan

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My Blog

The making of Manly Vale Public School

Posted on 11 May, 2019 at 6:55

Manly Vale Public School is located in Sydney’s North. This school has the capacity to educate up to 1,000 mainstream students.

On Day 1, Term 1, 2019, Manly Vale Public School opened its doors to 527 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Under the leadership of Mrs Tina Lee, Manly Vale Public School offers students access to 40 state of the art flexible learning spaces, a hall, modern library, canteen, a covered outdoor learning area (COLA) and several enhanced learning spaces.


This project is being delivered in several stages, with Stage 1 opening for Day 1 Term 1 2019. Stage 2, which includes refurbishment of the existing administration building and external works is currently underway. This stage is expected to be delivered by early 2020.


To maximise the teaching and learning opportunities for its teachers and students, Manly Vale PS are working the Foundations.T4L team to enrich the use of technology in flexible learning environments. This is being achieved by delivering Professional Learning opportunities to staff, creating alliances with 3rd party vendors, co-teaching with school teaching staff, embedding technological practice into current teaching programs and more.


Many Vale PS have installed fixed SMART Interactive Displays in all of its classrooms allowing students the opportunity to engage with their curriculum through enhanced technologies and stimulus materials. Opting to use a multi-technological platform, the curriculum offered to students comprises of Apple, Google and Microsoft. In help evaluate and determine the most appropriate technology for their students, staff will collaborate and share their teaching resources via various technological platforms. This approach will help determine the most effective and efficient way to provide the seamless implementation of co-teaching pedagogies.


As part of the school’s ICT strategic direction, Manly Vale PS aims to provide its students with a 1:1 student / device ratio. This program will allow students to personalise their learning by creating innovative work through collaboration and vertical learning opportunities.

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