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Noelene Callaghan

My Blog

My Blog

Showcasing Student's Abilities

Posted on 17 October, 2014 at 18:40

As teachers, we spend an equally amount of time discussing lesson content, the latest TV shows and much much more with our students. We often discuss in depth, the capabilities of our students and listen to what they are in fact completing outside of classtime. But, very rarely, are we able to share these experiences with fellow educators.

Please find below a Blog written by a year 8 student (who is 13 years old). He is incredibly intelligent and has a passion for technology that all teachers admire (and sometimes wish for in other students). He is part of a global collaboration experience specific to Minecraft and has now also taken the role of being my Mentor....

Hello Guys!

I am FD, more commonly know as “Fir3face”. I am currently an Admin/Staff manager for the SpacePrison server. It was not always this way, I used to be a regular player on multiple servers, but I found my way into the role of moderation and I love it. My role as an Admin is to moderate, I make sure everyone is obeying the rules, whether in chat or in game, and punish accordingly. As well as this, I also look after the owner and do any tasks he needs done. My role as a Staff manager is to make sure that all Staff are doing their jobs properly, this means punishing to the protocol and doing what they are required to do. I check applications for Staff and train any new members to our fantastic Staff team. So lets get to how I got to such a high role.


I started about 2 years ago, I was nothing important at that stage, I was bored and wanted to try out moderation, not taking it seriously. I hopped on a small developing server, which was called Lazurcraft. It had about 20 unique players on it but only about 2 were online at a time. I asked if the owner needed help and he asked me to send him a small application, just to make sure I wasn’t a threat to the server. I got accepted instantly and was given a basic mod role. As a person that likes to go above and beyond, I decided to start helping him do stuff to benefit the server and help it grow. I helped him advertise, build, create new ideas and do any personal tasks he wanted done. Soon after I was promoted to Admin, which wasn’t a big step considering I was already doing the roles of an Admin essentially. 2 weeks passed and I didn’t hear anything from the owner, I didn’t see him online and eventually the server shut down. I didn’t hear from him again.


During the time I was staff on Lazurcraft, I met another admin, he was really close friends with the owner of Lazurcraft and had his own server. I gave up on minecraft for 2 months, I didn’t necessarily find it appealing to use my time on it at that stage. I decided to go on the other admin’s server, called SirBombleCraft. I asked if he needed help and he denied me, he wasn’t very fond of me at the time. I played on his server a lot more until eventually he awarded me with builder. I worked my way up the ranks the same way I did before, until I reached the point of Head-Admin. I was greedy back then and I was frustrated that he only gave Owner to his family. I abruptly quit the server and never came back.


I soon realized how foolish I was, weeks later the server randomly reached popularity, it had over 300 unique players, but I gave up that opportunity sadly. I despised big youtubers, but I was bored one day so I watched a youtuber named “Deadlox”. He played on a server called ToxicMC, it was unique as it was the only server I had seen that had incorporated “overpowered items” to make grinding for things easier and less boring/frustrating. I didn’t join the server until a week later. I have been playing on this server for over a year now and it has undergone extreme changes.


I joined ToxicMC and at that point it only had one server. It had around 500 unique players from the day of its release thanks to Deadlox. The owner couldn’t keep up with all the players fitting on one server so he shut it down and turned the server into an expanding network with 4 servers and renamed it to the TemptingMC Network. I applied for Staff but my application never got read, the Staff manager at that time wasn’t the greatest. The network expanded to 6  servers, I was incredibly active on the server’s forums where I met and became close friends with some players. One of these players became a mod, he kind fully introduced me to the owner, but he was busy at that stage managing a network that had now expanded to 2k+ unique players. I was also introduced to the leader of the build team. A big event went down about 2 weeks later, the build team leader got in a fight with the owner and was demoted. The next leader was a mutual friend of one of my friend’s, we were in a call messing around and he asked if I was a good builder, I said no but he insisted that he tested me for the build team. He saw potential in me and made me a builder, this moment although seems small, was the reason I was able to climb the ladder, although it didn’t seem like it at the time. Weeks later I found out that my friend had depression and he suicided, this was a really hard time as I had known him over the internet for 6 months, but I pushed on and continued regularly building for the network. The build team leader became a mod, he was a moderator for 2 months. He was frustrated because he wanted a promotion but never received it. He made a network exactly like this one and took a lot of the builders with him. The owner was frustrated and legally threatened them for copyright issues. Their server was shut down and he was stripped of his moderator and build team leader roles. He was one of my really close friends as well, but if he wasn’t demoted, I wouldn’t have stepped up. I had been studying the configuration of minecraft servers and the new build team leader lacked this knowledge. He made me second in charge team leader. This stepped me up to a personal level with the owner, and after finally gaining his trust 2 months later, despite some hiccups, he gave me the role of moderator. The owner realized he didn’t require a build team, so he took down the build team and that left me as a mod. I was recording some videos with the owner, doing personal tasks and improving the server. Soon after I was promoted to Admin, but the server shut down a week later. The owner has been developing a new server closely along me and the other Staff. And that brings us to now, SpacePrison was released last week and I was given the role of Staff Management. And the most important thing about this is, minecraft isn’t just a game, minecraft has given me skills in management and moderation, an opportunity I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for this game. It was a long rocky road, but I am now at a satisfied position in which I am willing to stay that way for the upcoming years.


Games can’t do anything for you unless you use them to their fullest potential

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