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Noelene Callaghan

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My Blog

Collecting assignments using Google Docs

Posted on 22 July, 2014 at 4:40

Collecting assignments or school work can sometimes be difficult particularly when teachers are tailoring work to suit particular students or using pedagogical instruments such as the Multiple Intelligences Matrix. A simple and effective way to collect assignments whilst increasing the ICT skills of students (as well as sufficing the “Managing digital data” component of the ICT Continuum of the Australian Curriculum) is to use tools such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Regardless of the year group of your class, they will be able to use either file management system simply.


Both Dropbox and Google Drive operate similarly however, not each file management system s are readily available at all schools. They both enable file sharing, mobile access and a sufficient amount of file storage space. As many schools are now using BYOD, both Dropbox and Google Drive have Apps that can be downloaded on iPads and Tablets increasing opportunities for students to submit work created on particular applications that they previously were not able to hand in for marking.


Step 1 – Setting up an account

Creating an account on either Dropbox or Google Drive is straightforward. If using Dropbox, it is recommended that you use your school email address. This will minimise any glitches in accidently sharing non-lesson files or documents unintended for students. If using Google Drive, you will need to create a gmail account.


On either file management system, it is advised that you create folders that sort your student’s files. This could be sorted by KLA or by year group, depending if you are a primary or secondary teacher.


Step 2 – Setting up File Sharing capabilities

To share a folder with you students (the space where you would like your students work to appear), simply right click on the designated folder and click on “invite to folder” (Dropbox) or “Share” (Google Drive). On both Dropbox and Google Drive, a popup will appear allowing you to import (or copy and paste) your students email addresses. This will provide your students with access to the folder. Your students will be required to create an account with Dropbox or Google in order to share files.


Step 3- Collecting assignments/classwork

Students are now able to submit their work to your Dropbox or Google Drive. Having all of their assignments electronically in one space will assist you in marking their work and providing them with immediate feedback (that they can also retrieve via the file management system).


It is advised that teachers practice this process of submitting work during class time and that a scaffold or instructional poster is created to aid and remind student of how to do submit future work.


Categories: 2014, Education, Technology