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Noelene Callaghan

My Blog

My Blog

Practice what you Preach

Posted on 25 November, 2013 at 4:30

Practice what you preach. Something that I have certainly not done in all of the aspects of my working career. However, saying that, my working career does not only consist of teaching secondary students. I have dramatically grown my CV this year by taking on more challenges outside the school and participating in new ventures, professional learning teams and in higher education research studies.

Within the classroom, a massive push has been made to increase the literacy levels of my students. Using various types of resources and tools, I have done this quite successfully. Students have created projects, contributed to blogs and even read digital stories that increase their subject related vocabularly, increase their overall skill in the subject and hopefully lead to transfering these skills to other subjects. Unfortunately, the latter can not be measured. Blogging has been a huge task in my classroom and now that I have completed the bi-annual tasks of marking and report writing, I find myself in a position where I myself, have not blogged my experiences for some time. Providing samples to students of either your own work or past students work is a significantly important resource that will assist students in visually project what they are required to complete whilst providing them with a benchmark to exceed. I have found from personal experience, that students will always try to do 'better' than the example that you have shown them. This not only exceeds your expectations, but the students as well.

In terms of professional learning and higher order research, I have found that in order for other teachers/fellow staff to stay atuned to a goal, practicing what you preach is also of benefit. With luck, a project that my team is working on will be adopted by all school staff and demonstrate that digital change in a school that is ridiculously busy is possible. I say 'ridiculously busy', simply because I am fortunate enough to work at a school where every single teacher promotes change and works so hard!

So.....what do you practice?

Categories: 2013, Education