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Noelene Callaghan

My Blog

My Blog

The Opportunity of Holidays

Posted on 24 September, 2013 at 8:25

Many non teachers would look at this time of year and comment that "Teachers are on holidays again". When I am constantly reminded of this, I no longer feel guilty about the fact that I am not at school, I know answer quite proudly, "yes I am, and if you only knew what your child's teacher is doing right now". This response often generates a conversation as curiosity always gets the better of the person that I am conversing with.


Albeith we are on holidays, but we are also given the opportunity of "time". Time to catch up on that never-ending list of things to do that we had every intention on completing last term, but only in reality, are able to achieve now. Many of us are marking, writing reports, learning new computer programs and already programming for 2014. The rest of us are creating those worksheets that we know we will use during next term, planning formals and graduations or sewing costumes for the school play that was timed to be staged once the HSC is over, as on the school calendar, this appeared to be the best time of the year to hold this (werent we a little wrong).


Teachers ought to use these holidays and this time to create those structures that we require to facilitate our teaching and learning. Whether it be to create proposals for the Exec staff of a new idea that we would like to run at the school or a new online program that can be used to support collecting homework, these holidays prior to term 4 allow us to trial and error new ideas that we can test run toward the end of the year in order to determine its success for implementation in the future. This is certainly the time to take those risks that we are continuously asked to do at professional learning sessions and demonstrate our creativity to our school community,


Take the risk and be creative. Make the next 11 weeks count and a time for your efforts to be remembered.

Categories: 2013, Education