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Noelene Callaghan

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My Blog

How can I use Robotics in the classroom?

Posted on 25 August, 2013 at 22:25

With the Australian Curriculum to be officially taught in schools in less than six months, teachers are looking for new technologies to introduce into the classroom that can suffice its General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities. Robots play a significant role in numeracy as well as other key learning areas such as science and can be used by students of all ability level from K-12.

Overall, robots enhance creative problem solving techniques. When working with Blooms or any other cognitive taxonomy, this is regarded as a higher order thinking skill. Robots also prevent students from being passive learners as they become active learners, showing initiative, independence and ownership of their work. Additionally, robots allow collaboration and communication to occur between small groups and large groups of students.

How do I use robots in the classroom?

Schools that already use robots use either Lego or the RoboCup pack (which can be purchased through Modern Teaching Aids). These are well-known and easy to use resources that can be used for years to come. When using robots, students use hands-on activities to create their robot, that is to make them and use programming and computers (including devices such as iPads and tablets) to create movement activities such as playing soccer, dancing or rescue operations for their robots. In addition to programs that schools can purchase from reputable robotics distributors, there are numerous resources available online that have step-by-step instructions on how to use robots if you are a first time user. There are also opportunities of entering state and national based competitions if you feel that your students have the skill.

Why should I use robotics in the classroom?

Robotics provides students with the ability maximise their learning by having a key role in every stage of designing a robot. Perfect for 21st Century learning, robotics can be used in flipped classrooms, project-based learning and problem-based learning. In a science lesson, students can use robots to demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between mass, force, work, power and energy, whereas in maths, students can use logic and sequence when writing instructions for the robot to complete given tasks.

Where to next?

A number of opportunities exist when learning with robots. If your students demonstrate a natural talent in designing and building their robots, they may enter competitions such as “RoboCup Junior Australia” which are open to all Australian schools.


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