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Noelene Callaghan

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My Blog

How can my school increase its digital footprint?

Posted on 20 June, 2013 at 4:20

Many schools are adopting digital technologies as part of their lessons or as one-way communication means to execute information to their students and parents. However, schools are now creating teacher based committees who’s main objective is to ensure that all teachers are collaborating in the promotion of the school and its teaching and learning. Before any school adopts these technologies, it is recommended that the departmental policies and guidelines regarding the use of social media and the Internet are read and understood.


Schools are using standard web 2.0 tools to create informative websites that allows parents and guardians of their students to be aware of the latest school announcements. Websites and wikis are the most popular tools used by schools. Some schools incorporating e-commerce components which enable parents to pay school fees and order school uniforms online.


The more IT literate schools are taking their digital footprint to a whole new level and are incorporating social networking sites and various Apps into their promotions portfolio. Many schools have a dedicated Facebook page which also provides students and their parents of the latest school announcements and allow students to make contributions about events that took place at school. In these instances, school ‘promotions’ committees monitor Facebook ensuring that all material posted onto Facebook is appropriate. Schools whom have used Facebook find that there has been a significant increase in students returning permission notes and being more engaged in whole school activities. Schools have also found that parents are more engaged and more aware of all of the events that are taking place daily.


Schools have also begun using twitter to communicate to its students, parents and teachers. This micro blogging website has proven beneficial in reporting the successes of the school to its followers and to the general public. Many schools have also added a twitter feed on their school website so those parents whom do not have the latest mobile devices can still access the latest information.


Schools, such as Rooty Hill High School have embraced technology and have taken one step further and have created an App for apple and android devices. This App will provide Rooty Hill High School another means to communicate to students and their parents. The App permits its user to condensed access to information that is currently on the school website and Facebook page.


Schools can create a digital foot print with great ease. A committee that is responsible for its implementation is necessary as is a school population that is ready to embrace it.

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