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Noelene Callaghan

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My Blog

Where can I get more help regarding the Australian Curriculum?

Posted on 27 May, 2013 at 7:35

The Australian Curriculum is upon us and understanding all seven General Capabilities is critical. Termed as Learning Across the Curriculum (LAC), the 7 capabilities form the basis for all new Australian Syllabuses. Teachers in New South Wales, are also required to implement 3 Cross-curriculum priorities along with 3 other learning across the curriculum areas.

NSW teachers have been given additional professional learning time to prepare for the introduction of the Australian Curriculum in 2014. Many schools will have dedicated this time for teachers to develop programs which implement the General Capabilities into the curriculum. Although schools are attempting to implement this independently, there are a number of resources that are available to all primary and secondary schools to simplify the process.



ACARA (The Australian Curriculum And Reporting Authority)

The main website with information about the Australian Curriculum is produced by ACARA. ACARA provides school leaders and teachers with an overview of the draft syllabus papers which are under development, the General Capabilities and programs regarding assessment and reporting.


If you are an avid iPad user, the “National Curriculum” App is designed by ACARA providing you with the information directly from their website. The App can be downloaded via itunes at:



Australian Curriculum

There ia an Australian Curriculum website that provides teachers with information, fact sheets and online mapping for the 7 General Capabilities. This website also provides teachers with a Learning Continuum that shows how students will develop from K-10 in every KLA.


Consultation papers are available for curriculum documents in development and teachers are invited to provide feedback. Access to these papers is available on the Australian Curriculum website.


The 3 Cross-curriculum priorities are also on the Australian Curriculum website. This provides educators with further information in pdf format that can be downloaded as reference material.



Board of Studies New South Wales

The Board of Studies New South Wales website has information regarding the Australian Curriculum. A most valuable tool is the NSW BOS Learning Across the Curriculum (LAC) Filter that enables educators to map a syllabus by stage and by one or more LAC area. This filter will be critical in terms of programming and preparing lesson plans.


Board of Studies Australian Curriculum in NSW -

Board Of Studies LAC Filter -




Teachers Connect

A relatively new website that offers to connect teachers and provide them the ability to share resources for FREE is now available. Teachers Connect allows teachers in Australia to register and network with others nationally to share and develop resources supporting capabilities of the National Curriculum.






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