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Noelene Callaghan

My Blog

My Blog

The True Feelings of Educators

Posted on 16 May, 2013 at 6:30

As an educator, we all feel as though time is against us. Although many, regardless of their occupation feel the same way, teachers particularly feel the strain with completing work in a desired time frame. We are bound by our own expectations, accommodating the needs of all of our students and complying with our schools direction. Many of us also have other commitments that require attention and, yes, for the majority of us, it for some reason, always conflicts with report season or marking season, or in my case, both. Please don’t misunderstand me. Im not complaining or trying to reinforce that ‘I am just so busy’, on the contrary, professionally, things couldn’t be going better for me. Like many others at my school, we thrive on demand and success. The more we are required to do, we seem to find even more tasks, excursions, extra curricular activities that we can add to our list. So why do educators work so hard? Especially when in the public eye, our education system is doomed to fail, our funding is diminishing and although we all give a Gonski, no-one seems too. Because, unlike any other occupation, we don’t ‘do it’ for us. We ‘do it’ for them – our students…to show our generation that our offspring, the new generation are better than us and can achieve more than us. Isn’t that what the new National Curriculum will enable us to do? Isn’t that what new pedagogies such as 21st Century learning, e-learning, flipped classrooms, project based learning, problem based learning and so forth are encouraging us to achieve in our teaching and learning space? As educators, we are more in tuned with what needs to be done within our educational settings and aren’t afraid to do what is needed. So, please attend as many professional learning sessions as possible, push your school leaders into developing better teaching practices and prove to those politicians that educators are much more than they give credit too…..for all we know, the next prime minister is facilitating a collaborative discussion with their peers in our classroom!




Categories: 2013, Education