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Noelene Callaghan

My Blog

My Blog

it's Assessment Season

Posted on 2 April, 2013 at 4:10

It has certainly been quite some time (in my standards) since I posted a Blog. Its certainly not a reflection of how little has been occurring at school or in my studies. In fact, it is the opposite. 


Like many schools, it is time when student assessments are due. We have really been pushing the boundaries with what we are expecting from our students in IST and I will admit, that it has been absolutely worthwhile. Year 7 have been exploring the concepts associated with Digital Citizenship and using Animation software to deliver their project whereas Year 8 IST have been thrown into Project-Based Learning which is the best experience I have had to date in my teaching career.


Year 7 students have been able to create and deliver 60 second animations that identify a social and ethical issue that is associated with using the Internet and Social Networking Sites. Students created fantastic work that not only identified the issue, but suggested strategies to combat these issues. 


In year 8, students are creating year long projects that will see them create a promotional website, a promotional poster and a movie. All of these will focus on Uluru. Students will work towards creating a movie that features Uluru, and in the meantime, create promotional material that will be accessible and viewed by all students and teachers in our school. The websites so far, look great. Im really impressed. Im now working with my extension students in creating posters that incorporate Augmented Reality. Stay posted for their progress

Categories: 2013, Education, Pedagogy