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Noelene Callaghan

My Blog

My Blog

Learning to Teach or Teaching to Learn?

Posted on 13 December, 2012 at 2:00

I have been studying in postgraduate courses for many years now whilst teaching in a secondary school in Western Sydney and today as I reflected, I realised I learning to teach or teaching to learn?


I have integrated much of my classroom expertise into my studies and vice verse, so much so,  that the answer to this question is quite blurred. It is no secret that my passion in education is developing social media pedagogies, so is it my own learning that allows me to embrace such technologies in my own teaching and learning or is it my students and their passion of using such technological tools that has driven me to perfect teaching methodologies associated with social media?


Earlier this week, I submitted my first draft of my research proposal for my doctoral studies and I have been asked to refine the main research question. There are so many significant changes in education, that it is almost impossible to accomplish this. There is certainly an abundance of literature and blogs referring to 'needing such technologies in our classrooms', however, major department heads are still limiting this from occurring and refuse to unblock sites to teachers and their students. 


Another issue that I struggle with is the concept of the digital divide. I look at all of the teachers in my school, and all teachers but one, use technology and are relatively competent in it. Many have their own Facebook pages and twitter accounts. Others also have a subject specific Edmodo page thatntheynuse in realtime with their subjects. However, when in discussion with teachers at other schools, the digital divide is quite obvious. In other schools, many teachers have not embraced technology and do not even use email. I know of a teacher (yes, who is close to retiring) who still uses a handout she developed in the exaggeration!


The rollout of the National Curriculum is also a critical factor to consider. What will the National Curriculum look like in practise and how will technologies, generally, be applied in cross-KLA situations?


What do we and our students want to see in terms of social media? Is it using a variety simultaneously or to use ONE whilst completing higher order tasks?


I'm not sure if there are any easy answers to this and I'm not sure if it's a 'wait and see' situation either. I will continue reviewing what our colleagues are doing overseas and hopefully identify an educational area that is yet to be tapped. 



Categories: 2012, Education