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Noelene Callaghan

My Blog

My Blog

Peer Coaching in the Classroom

Posted on 3 December, 2012 at 22:35

I have spent this term gearing up my students by learning a huge range of technologies and platforms. We have used many types of devices when exploring technological tools and aids and now, after 8 weeks of the school term, I have put my students to the test.


Students were required to design a mini lesson. 5-6 students are grouped into friendship groups and were to use the school teaching platform (BBC) to create a 20 minute mini lesson on ANYTHING they would like to teach. Yes, I said anything. The only catch was that their lesson needed to enable students to use the computers. So, after 2 lessons, much yelling and a LOT of compromise from the weaker students, groups had created their mini lessons. Students have now 'taught' each other about various topics...some absolutely hilarious. I think my favourite was the group who taught everyone secrets to using the best weapons in minecraft and actually allowed everyone to use this game and play it. During all mini lessons, students were engaged, cooperative and willing to help each other out. A new found respect was observed peer-to-peer (I also think that students had a new respect for teachers).


This activity allowed me to identify that every single student is able to use critical thinking techniques, in all lessons, creating their mini lesson and participating in one by their peers, a higher order taxonomy skill that many lessons do not include.


Students were given the opportunity to use technologies, websites and games that I wouldn't ordinarily use and therefore was able to demonstrate their superior ICT skills that I may not have observed all year. Providing students with the opportunity to direct their own learning and the learning of their peers has not only assisted the learning of students, but my own understanding of how students use technologies in a social context.



Categories: 2012, Education